Paper Mouse

Chisolm Street, 608 Chisholm Street, Black Hill

Chisholm St is thrilled to present Paper Mouse, a collaboration between singer/bassist Liz Frencham and guitarist Robbie Melville. A small town in rural Victoria was the accidental meeting place for Liz & Robbie when they crossed paths in a café in 2013 and decided to play together. From their first rehearsal it was evident that a lengthy musical relationship was on the cards. Frencham and Melville discovered a shared love of jazz, pop, and folk, and instinctively blended their influences into a warm, earthy sound like red wine on a winter's night. The obvious chemistry between the pair is intensified by a willingness to never play any song the same way twice. This results in an extraordinary musical empathy, full of surprises, light and shade, and a child-like playfulness. Folk rhythms dance with ambient loops; Frencham’s vocals tug directly on your heart, met by Melville’s beautiful harmonic dissonances, and every nuance is distinct.

$20 - $35